2018-2019 School Year Lottery and Application Information

2018-19 School Year Lottery Information Update

River Islands Technology Academy is a tuition-free charter school that provides students with a specialized, integrated technology-based curriculum and experiential learning opportunities.

Note: If your child is selected and you accept a placement at River Islands Technology Academy it is your responsibility to inform your home school of your placement choice.

River Islands Technology Academy has limited space and preference is give to:
  • Existing students of River Islands Technology Academy
  • Children of RiTechA teachers, staff, and founders
  • Residents of the District
  • Siblings of existing students of RiTechA
  • All other students
California Education Code

Pursuant to California Education Code §47605 (2) (A) a charter school shall admit all pupils who wish to attend the school. However, if the number of pupils who wish to attend the charter school exceeds the school’s capacity, attendance, except for existing pupils of the charter school, shall be determined by public random drawing. Preference shall be extended to pupils currently attending the charter school and pupils who reside in the district except as provided for in Section 47614.5. Other preferences may be permitted by the chartering authority on an individual school basis and only if consistent with the law.

[1] Assembly Bill 544 provides the opportunity for founding parents of a charter school to be given first right for their children to attend the charter school. A founding member is defined as a parent who has signed the “interest petition” and who has students either enrolled in the school, or siblings of those students enrolled or enrolled in the past.

Admission Procedures:
Public school of choice
Student body will reflect the demographics of BESD and the County in respect to ethnicity, academic performance, gender and economic status. Admission to the charter school shall not be determined according to the place of residence of the pupil, or his or her parent or guardian. Priority enrollment requirements apply as set forth below.

Each spring, families of enrolled students will receive re-enrollment packets. It is the parents’ responsibility to meet the deadline for returning all paperwork. Those students whose paperwork is incomplete or not submitted in a timely manner may lose their secured placement.